Classic forensic methods

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus , in addition to modern forensic methods in the form of mobile forensics and computer forensics, also offers to its clients classic forensic services. For this type of forensic services detective agency ANONIMUS plus employes eminent experts and professionals. When dealing with cases where the situation requests further engaging in the form of using classic forensic methods we engage our personell which is officially certified for applying this kind of investigative methods. Our staff is certificated in the state of Serbia, counties of EU, and they also hold certificates from the United States. Aside from the qualification, our associates, because of their expertise, are also called up on to do court testimony in many cases on a regular basis. Forensics experts which work for detective agency ANONIMUS plus are forensic experts who are regularly summoned to court in order to provide professional expertise in all types of trials, from low level offences to the most serious crimes.

Nowadays, with rapidly growing technology trends, one could say that the mobile forensics and computer forensics are currently the most popular types of forensics methods, and no one could deny that statement. However, despite all these facts, classic forensic methods remain an indispensable way of collecting data during the ongoing investigation. It should be noted that a large number of cases was solved only by the evidence aquired by the means of classical forensic methods. Numerous times evidence collected by classic forensic methods was the one piece of the puzzle that was missing in order to create the whole picture and solve the case. Today, there is no serious investigation where we can see classic forensic methods not beeing applied. Classic forensic methods present "golden standard" of any serious investigation. Classical forensic methods remain an indispensable part of any modern investigation.

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Forensic staff that detective agency ANONIMUS plus employs are experts with decades of work experience in the DNA lab of police department in the ministry of internal affairs of the republic of Serbia. All of our experts are enlisted in the register of permanent court experts and so far have conducted a court forensic expertise in the more than 1,500 cases. All our forensic experts have completed specialist training in EU countries and posses all necessary certificates to confirm that. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is able to provide our clients with identical level of quality of the forensic services like Serbian police department conducts. If you conduct your personal investigation and you do not want to bring a lot of attention, and you do not break a law while doing so. If you have some problems of personal nature and want to check the facts. If your case is "uninteresting" for state officials but it is important to you, than detective agency ANONIMUS plus , with its qualified experts can help you and perform all kinds of classic forensic services that your case requires. You can read more details regarding forensic methods that detective agency ANONIMUS plus conducts in the paragraph below.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus offers to it's clients following classic forensic services:

  • 1) Collection, analysis and comparison of fingerprints
  • 2) Collection, analysis and comparison of the DNA material
  • 3) CIT testing of persons who are suspected of being directly or indirectly involved in the incident

1) 1) How long will the fingerprints be useful depends on many factors, therefore, depends on the:

  • Sole "matrix" of the fingerprint - composition of the materials from which the print is composed
  • Substrate or composition and origin of the materials that are forming the surface on which the fingerprint resides
  • Atmospheric elements of the environment in which fingerprint resides, which refers to the temperature, humidity ...

***In all cases listed above we advise clients not to commit further contamination of the subjects and, as soon as possible to contact detective agency ANONIMUS plus ..***

2) Any type of biological material of human origin can be used for effective analysis of DNA. Most common traces from which we have analyzed the most material include:

  • Human spit (from cigarettes, glasses, bottles, toothbrushes, gumes, straws, through oral swabs...)
  • The blood or blood stains
  • Sperm (vaginal swab, from underwear, used condom, sleep sheets...)
  • Hair of every origin (hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, body hair, pubic hair...)
  • Micro skin cells (which can be found on all objects which the person had physical contact with)

3) CIT testing includes psychophysiological detection of deception which is most researched and scientifically validated as a method with the highest level of precision of 99.94 percent. Testing is done only after the incident took place and where the incident details are not presented to all those who have been indicted, and details of execution are not contaminated or compromised futher on. Any person who is linked with the incident undergoes a series of 5 to 6 CIT tests. After that chances are 99.99 percent that we will confirm the perpetrator or the persons involved in any way, or we will eliminate persons who are not involved in the incident.

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If you have a need for some of classic forensic services provided by detective agency ANONIMUS plus , please contact us via our contact phones or e-mail at any time so that we can provide you with all the necessary information and explain the whole procedure. Please keep in mind that all meetings at the agency, as well as going out on the field are scheduled in advance. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus fully guarantees the accuracy of data that the client receives in the form of forensic report.

If you need any of our services please feel free to contact us on our phones +381112835531 and +381641199880 at any time, or via e-mail to make an appointment for meeting our experts. Also, you can contact us at any time for consultation regarding any problems that you might have. All advices are given on a free basis. We guarantee absolute discretion to our clients. All the information that our clients provide us with are considered trade secrets and all received information are treated in full compliance with the law on detective activity and the law on protection of personal data and customer protection act.