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Detective agency ANONIMUS plus fully guarantee for the accuracy and credibility of the information we provide to our clients. Each information our detective agency pass on to our customers is checked on a professional basis. When you need to check the facts about a certain person, when you need to confirm or discard your own knowledge about a person, or in order to make the right decision about the employment of workers, or make the right business decision detective agency will find out everything you need. If you need to check the information about your business partner, or if somebody is threatening you, or you need information on someone regarding trail case detective agency ANONIMUS plus can conduct a thorough check of subjects, designed to meet your needs. Every check that we have carried out have been created on an individual basis. This is because we understand that what is relevant in one case may not be relevant in some other case.

    Detective agency ANONIMUS plus , under the authority of the written request can obtain following information for our clients:

  • Home address an dwellings of person
  • Owners of motor vehicles and vessels
  • Owner of insurance and real estate
  • Pension and Disability Insurance
  • Data from the court files in cases where the client have the right to obtain information
  • Data from the state archives and public records

detective agency database checking

As experienced detectives we understand what type of information is possible to get, and how to provide our clients with accurate, detailed information, regardless of where the subject is, and what kind of investigation we have to undertake in order to to obtain information in any given case. We also know that it is important to consider all relevant factors relating to the matter being investigated. It is also important to consider, and analyze all given aspects and elements when determining the method and details of background checks as well as defining the data that our clients want to get. Before database check it is necessary to conclude a written agreement between the parties and detective agency which would define all the details necessary for conducting database check. Another document that is necessary to carry out check is an authorization which states that the client authorizes the detective agency and its private investigators to perform the required checks on behalf of the client. Then we apply in the Ministry for internal affairs in order to obtain data.

Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your need for background checking and to have the detective explaine to you the process of background checks to you and also to provide you with the details of results that we can obtain for you. With the entry into force of the Law on Detective Activity we opened many doors that have been closed for years. Now legally it can be done to check almost everything, except for the things that are contrary to the law of personal data protection. We can help you get the information you need to make the right decision. This type of service is very practical, reliable and official and can be useful to a large number of clients and wide spectrum of auditorium.

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CALL US - +381 11 2835531 (9AM-5PM) AND +381 64 1199880 (24h)

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus guarantees that checks from state archives will be carried out as soon as possible. Maximum amount of 14 working days is the amount of time assigned by law. We tend to do it much faster. We offer our services to individuals and legal entities, and we are able to carry out checks on the territory of Republic of Serbia, as well as in foreign countries, where we have very good connections. If you think you need our services, please contact us by phone +381112835531 from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, and +381641199880 at any time, or send us an e-mail and one of our experienced detective will respond in the short term (within 24 hours). If you need our assistance, please feel free to call us, for our customers we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We would like to point out to all who are interested in this type of service that it is the necessary to posses legal basis for each type of database checking and attempts to misuse the information of any kind may result in criminal liability. Our agency operates solely in accordance with the law on detective activities and other conditions of cooperation with our agency can be found on our website page called conditions of use. Also we would like to inform you that all the meetings, as well as close consultation and discussions in the premises of our agency scheduled in advance in order to obtain the term of meeting and the reservation is done exclusively by phone. If you have any additional questions, concerns or would like to get information about anything related to the cooperation with our agency, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.