Family protection and private investigations

Detective Agency ANONIMUS plus posses a vast experience in conducting private investigations and each of our private detectives is obliged to ensure that every case take our detective agency undertake is performed in a superior manner. If you are having doubts that your spouse has indulged in adultery or you have a infidelity problem. If you need professional help so that you can clear all your doubts, detective agency ANONIMUS plus is here for you. If you are concerned or you suspect that a family member is suffering from illegal drugs addiction or has a gambling addiction problem. If you suspect that a family member has entered in circles of religious sects. If you are in the process of divorce and need a proof of some kind, detective agency ANONIMUS plus can help you. We provide our customers and clients all kinds of evidence - photos, video records and audio records that nobody can not deny.

53% - percent of marriages that end in divorce
74% - percent of man that would indulge in infidelity if they knew they would't get caught
68% - percent of woman that would indulge in infidelity if they knew they would't get caught

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is capable of providing first class service to our clients. We are able to provide detectives on the local and national basis, as well as abroad, in other countries. Out staff is made out of specialists investigators, well experienced in family, marital and personal investigations. We posses a huge experience and our clients are in safe hands. Do you want to know how your child spends his free time? A member of your family has fallen into marriage problems or some other kind of problems? You want to check if your partner is really where says he is? Detective agency ANONIMUS plus can help you find out the truth by all means.

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We are fully aware of the sensitive nature of cases and the amount of stress these kinds of cases and situations carry by default. We understand that the outcome of our investigation can change someone’s destiny. We conduct these kind of cases with great care, dedication and understanding. Strong family is the basic unit of every healthy society. Without strong family there can be no human development and prosperity, it is therefore necessary to assume all that is necessary in order to preserve those values. For these reasons, this represents the most sensitive investigations in this line of work.

We are able to provide detectives of both sexes for our clients, depending on the nature of the investigation. Please feel free to contact us for a free discussion, without obligation, to discuss your current situation, and offer you our advice regarding the best direction for further action as well as regarding the selection of the most effective method for a particular case, in order to implement the best solution which will meet your demands.

Our investigation can help you to remove the doubts that you have and can help you to relieve yourselves or provide you with irrefutable evidence in the form of reports on the movement, images or video clips of the subject, which will allow you to deal with the problem and solve it successfully. Whether it comes to family, marital or personal problems we will always be there to help you in the best and most effective way possible. It is always better to know the truth, no matter how hard it is.

We are constantly adapting and improving the way we provide our services to our clients, as well as the situation, and our experienced detectives can offer a wide selection of methods for the solution of your problems, with an emphasis on the most efficient and most effective method that will give you maximum results in the optimum time period.

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If you want to speak with one of our detectives, in complete confidence, feel free to call us at +381112835531 from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, or +381641199880 24 hours a day. You will be under no obligation and all advices shall be given on a grant basis. If you need our assistance in any way, feel free to call us, for our clients we are avaliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a licensed agency, we operate strictly in accordance with the law on detective activities, respecting socially accepted moral standards and business ethics. All meetings, consultations and discussions with clients in our office are scheduled in advance via the contact phone that you can find on our web page.