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If you have been the victim of a crime of property theft and are determined to get your things back, the Detective agency ANONIMUS plus can help you. You should consider launching an investigation into stolen property that the Detective agency ANONIMUS plus will do for you. Private detectives at the Detective agency ANONIMUS plus and through cooperation with the network of our associates and with the experience gained through hundreds of cases related to stolen property and are very expert and have great experience in locating stolen property of all kinds.

What is the investigation of stolen items, property and vehicles? There are two equally important components for each case of stolen property, such as the identification and location of stolen property, and the identification of persons who have stolen property and law enforcement assistance to bring them to justice. There are many types of ways of committing crimes of stolen property for which victims are turning to and seeking the help of a private detective, including robbery, burglary, theft, vandalism, embezzlement, and extortion. Who initiates an investigation into stolen property? Private individuals, legal entities, and also insurance companies sometimes hire independent private investigators to locate stolen property, but in most cases, the owner of the property is the one who launches the investigation.

No matter how or why the property is stolen, often the best chance of return is engaging a private detective to investigate stolen property. The focus of the police is on grave crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, narcotics sales and so on. For the above reasons, the theft is a secondary priority for the police, and due to lack of resources, the police have less time.

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The procedure for launching an investigation into stolen property in the company Detective agency ANONIMUS plus , as well as the engagement of a private detective to investigate stolen property is quick and simple. Every case taken over by investigators who are operatives in Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is coordinated in professional manner and our private detectives are always there to help our clients at every step. We state the process of the procedure and the phase of the investigation of stolen property:

  • Request for consultation: Send your case by e-mail or phone to schedule consultations. We will look for the details that we must have and after that we will link you to a detective who will lead your investigation and then give you an estimate of the costs for your case.
  • Consult a private detective: an authorized private detective will contact you to talk to you about the purpose and objectives of the investigation, and to collect all relevant information about your case. You should save the answers to questions like: Where was the property last? Who had access to the premises from which the property was taken? Was the crime reported to the police? Was there an application and is an ongoing law enforcement inquiry? Is the property insured, and is the insurance company informed?
  • Investigation in progress: When the direction of the investigation of stolen property is determined, it is primarily based on the type and value of the property. The techniques and methods that your private detective can use include: accessing a specialized database, researching and tracking the sale of stolen goods online, contacting a source in the criminal world regarding possible "embedding" or selling assets and placing it in legitimate jobs, such as pawn shops and shops with antiques, a search for traces that are evident as well as physical search and surveillance.
  • Data Classification and Final Report: Customers can expect corrections at all stages of the investigation and a complete report with details of the investigation and results. The report can be useful to the client as a source of information that can assist the local police. In addition, your private detective may be called upon to testify on your behalf in court if necessary and agreed before the commencement of the investigation.
  • If you have been a victim of theft, or feel that you have received stolen property, the police can not have the time or the means to fundamentally investigate the case. This is especially true if you live in an urban environment, where police are often busy with the number of cases they get on a daily basis. Since the police will generally not be able to close the investigation of stolen property, you should consider engaging a private detective from the Detective agency ANONIMUS plus to begin an investigation on your behalf. Private investigator of the Detective agency ANONIMUS plus will seriously start working on your case and will not be judged solely on the basis of the value of the stolen item, as many law enforcement agencies can do to determine the priorities of the cases.

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    In addition to monetary value, stolen items can contain significant sentimental or historical value, the Detective agency ANONIMUS plus will dedicate our resources to ensure the peace you deserve. Being a victim of theft is never easy, and receiving stolen goods brings legal consequences, so you need to have a basic security culture. There are various types of theft: stealing to discourage attention, identity theft, cyber theft, burglary, heavy theft, burglary, forgery of property data, breaking and capturing, organized thefts using firearms. All detectives of our agency are licensed, experienced, and carry out investigations of stolen property in a responsible manner and with guaranteed discretion. Do not wait until it's too late. The sooner the investigation begins, the better.

    Every year, many companies become victims of theft of company assets. If you own a company, a director, a department manager, this can be disturbing and more than disastrous. It can also be difficult for morale companies, and all employees will feel this mistrust and doubt in the collective. We have a dedicated and highly trained team of private investigators who have the knowledge and experience to trace the property of the company, and find the person or persons responsible for theft.

    Thefts of the company's assets are manifested in various forms. Theft could be done by an unsatisfied worker by stealing money or items such as laptops and mobile phones. It is often a loss of major items, including vehicle companies, machines, or other goods or equipment used in their business. Alternatively, the responsible person may be a former employee, a business partner or associate, or even a visitor or contractor on the site. Regardless of the circumstances, our detectives will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover the truth, and locate and recover your property.

    The Detective agency ANONIMUS plus has conducted investigations of property theft for private individuals, legal entities, insurance companies, companies and individuals. We worked for insurance companies in property recovery cases, collecting information to determine the circumstances of theft and the return of stolen items. We approach every case with focused determination to determine all relevant facts in a cost-effective and fast manner. The work is carried out and includes local investigations and intelligence work, investigation of employees and external associates.

    Stolen vehicle search: for some, the car is a luxury object, for someone - a common means of transport and for someone - a way of earning. Some people took a lot of time, effort and patience to be able to accumulate enough amount of money to buy vehicles. Buying a vehicle is a joy that is celebrated in the circle of friends and relatives. At this happy moment, nobody thinks of stealing cars.

    Statistics say that more than 20 cars are stolen every day in Serbia. With the arrival of the summer season, the activity of criminals increases significantly, but the number of cars found, unfortunately, is not. Now, there are topical cases when criminals after car theft, dismantle it, split it up and sell it. As the search for cars is one of the activities of the detective agency ANONIMUS plus. Private detectives know firsthand how often and when cars are stolen. This happens most often at night, stealing cars that are in high demand. But there are situations when the car was stolen and during the day, at a place you could not even imagine.

    If your favorite car is stolen, do not lose hope. The chances of finding a car are always there. Over the last decade we have developed excellent cooperation with colleagues from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, as well as with a few teams specializing in locating stolen vehicles. What is most important, as soon as you contact the police, and then directly to us. The first few days after theft, the cars are the most important. The sooner the search begins, the more likely the car will be found. But even if your car has been stolen a few years ago, the chances of finding it continue to stall. The main thing is that the case went into the hands of professionals.