Retrievement of deleted data

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus offers to it's clients the service of retreiving deleted data from mobile phones with the use of specialized mobile forensics equipment. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is able to offer the best mobile forensic currently available on the world stage, and we are the only detective agency in Serbia that can claim something like this. Mobile Forensics represents a "boom" in modern investigations worldwide. Since the appearance of "smart phones" and internetworking of devices around the world via Internet, we have come to the situation where the mobile phone represents a huge source of information for investigators. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is capable of using modern software and tools in order to restore deleted information from mobile phones and that process is called mobile forensics. Retrivement of deleted data is of great benefit to all intelligence agencies and the information which are gathered in that manner are used from investigation as indicatorss and all the way up to the court as evidence material.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus posses two best systems for the retrievement of deleted data in the world. Those systems are the Isreali Cellebrite UFED and American Oxygen forensics. These two systems together are worth about 30,000 euros together and there is no state intelligence agency that owns those two systems in Serbia. Some agency posses one of these two tools, but no state security agency posses both systems. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus posses both systems and is the only detective agency in Serbia, or agency at all, that can make such a statement. That is a fact.


Since the mobile forensics, as a young forensic branch develops rapidly, it is necessary to constantly be up to date with changes in the industry, because new devices are beeing made as we speak, with new operating systems, as well as new protection and security systems so it makes it increasingly difficult to retreive erased data and it is necessary to constantly be up to date with all the news in the industry in order for mobile forensics experts to keep it up with the changes. It is necessary to constantly update all the instruments, knowledge also, and to be in contact with the headquaters in Israel and America. Because of this reasons, staff that detective agency ANONIMUS plus employs have an obligation to regularly attend the seminars and conferences for mobile forensics and retrievement of the deleted data and to follow the policy of continuing education and training in the field.

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Retreivement of deleted data represents a very complex process with a large number of variables from which a lot of things depend on, therefore, there are too much elements in a cause-effect relationship, hence, there is not an instrument in the world that is is capable of guaranteeing that it will be able to recover 100% of the deleted information. Therefore, experts always suggest that retrievement should be done in a cross-comparisons mathod, with at least two instruments, because what the first instrument can not return, the other can and vice versa. In order to provide superior service to their customers, detective agency ANONIMUS plus has purchased two instruments that are in the very top of the line worldwide. Both instruments are top notch worldwide, and currently, there are no better instruments in the world. That is a fact. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus can proudly say that it is able to provide mobile forensics of the highest quality in the world. If detective agency ANONIMUS plus by any chance (though this is very rare) fails to recover some of the data, rest assured that there is no device in the world that can do it. That is also a fact. This type of service represents the latest and the best in the world of mobile forensics and detective agency ANONIMUS plus can proudly say that it is able to offer such an exclusive service to its clients.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus can perform the retrievement the following information and data:

  • History of calls
  • SMS messages
  • Viber correspondence
  • Whatsapp correspondence
  • Facebook messenger messages
  • Photographs and images of all kinds
  • Data from applications
  • History of Internet browsing
  • Video files
  • Personal notes
  • Used Wifi networks
  • Locations of the mobile device
  • Other information of interest to the client

Data retrieved by detective agency ANONIMUS plus during the retrievement of deleted data is absolutely considered as clients private data and shall be treated in accordance with the law on personal data protection and consumer protection law. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus guarantees absolute discretion while providing services of mobile forensics and retrevement of deleted data to it's clients.

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To give you some picture on how powerfull and high-tech our equipment for mobile forensics is, we will present you the following example. In the year of 2015 a terrorist attack took place in San Bernardino, California - 14 people were killed and 22 people were seriously injured. FBI took over the investigation. One of the killed terrorists used the "Apple" Iphone. The device had to be unlocked in order for retrievement of the deleted data to be performed as a regular part of the investigation. "Apple" did not want to cooperate and unlock the phone justifying the stance with the protection of client privacy rights, even though it was a terrorist act, even though innocent people got massacared. FBI was unable to break through the protection of the Iphone. This is the famous case in which the FBI sued "Apple" corporation because of this incident and the case went on to the US Supreme Court. After failing to unlock the device, the FBI turned to the Israeli company "Cellebrite" who managed to break the "Apple" protection and put an end to the whole problem. "Cellebrite" charged the FBI 15.000 USD for this service. Dear clients, that unit is a unit that detective agency ANONIMUS plus is using. Cellebrite. And Oxygen also. There is nothing better in the industry. Best mobile forensics in the world. The best retrievement of deleted data. This is an undisputable fact.

If you have a need for this exclusive service - retrievement of erased data, or you want to hire our private investigators for something else, please, feel free to contact us at any time, for our customers we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any problem in which our professional staff can help you with, please, feel free to contact us via e-mail, or call us on our phones +381112835531 and +381641199880 at any time, and one of our experienced detectives will hear you out and propose a solution for your problem. Please have in mind that all meetings in our detective agency are scheduled in advance.