GPS tracking and locating

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is able to provide GPS tracking services of vehicles and persons in real time. GPS systems for tracking vehicles used by the detective agency ANONIMUS plus provide our customers with monitoring and tracking the subject in real time without any additional costs, and also as a form of alternative solution for, as a replacement for detective or a team of detectives that will have to do a surveillance of a person or vehicle for a longer period of time. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus claims that this is an extremely practical and efficient service which has proven extremely useful in practice. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus , together with the installation of the system, offers a unique smartphone application that is extraordinary and over which you can yourself monitor absolutely everything realted to GPS in a likeable graphical environment.

Satellite systems and systems for vehicle tracking uses GPS satellite positioning technology to calculate the position of the earth and record the movement of vehicles. GPS units used by the detective agency ANONIMUS plus allow you to get detailed information about the whereabouts of vehicles and persons at relatively low cost and the advantage is absense of risk factor that detective can be exposed by an individual who is under surveillance, as well as there is no risk of losing the object of in traffic while conducting secret surveillance on field.

  • Follow the vehicle up to a certain address.
  • Determine how long the vehicle was stationed on some destination.
  • Provide information on suspicious activity... Does your partner really go where he says?
  • Check whether your significant other is really working late?
  • Put a STOP to misuse of company cars and vehicles by employees.

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When a GPS device is set up, we will have access to the locations, routes and time of travel. We use devices made for „live“ tracking and emitting position of the vehicle in "real time" mode. We also use recording devices that store information for a longer period of time which must be restored to retrieve data about routes, vehicle movements and other data of interest. The installment of equipment is fast, the equipment itself is resistant to all weather condition and is operational in temperatures ranging from -30 to +60 degrees celsius.

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Detective agency ANONIMUS plus uses only modern equipment, which means that the GPS device is ideal for covert installation and can record the movement for a few weeks or more. In many cases, GPS tracking can be a solution that you need. Our clients can obtain reports on the movement of the subject in way which they choose and we can offer the option of tracking live, 24/7, at any time. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is offering installment of GPS devices for all types of vehicles. We offer GPS tracking and locating to companies that make business in sensitive fields, and to private individuals for personal need. There are two basic kinds of installment. We are capable of providing public installment of the devices, and we can also perform an secret kind of installment in "incognito" mode and our extraordinary smartphone application allows you to monitor everything from any location worldwide.

If you are interested in GPS tracking or you have any additional questions about this service you can call us and talk about GPS tracking to one of our private detectives, in complete confidence. Feel free to call us at +381112835531 from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, or +381641199880 at any time. For our clients we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We would like to inform you that our detective agency posses a license to engage in detective activity and to provide professional detective services, we conduct business in the private security sector solely and exclusively in accordance with the law on detective activity. Our agency does not possess a license to install GPS devices but our associates with whom we have signed a contract on business and technical cooperation have all the necessary licenses for the installation of GPS devices, so we are in a position to offer and mediate in providing these services to our clients, as well as guarantee the functioning of equipment and systems for monitoring. Our associates are top experts who have their own GPS tracking software developed by experts and which was awarded at international security fairs, which is a relevant indicator of quality of the same. Please, keep in mind that all meetings at our offices are performed exclusively on the principle of scheduling in advance through any of our phones. All advices, consultations and meetings are on the free bassis and always will be. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.