Detective services

Detective Agency ANONIMUS plus conducts detective and investigative services in the private sector, business and corporate sector. We provide detective services in Belgrade city area, Republic of Serbia as well as abroad, in other countries. Detective Agency have established reliable network of contacts throughout Serbia, Europe and around the world, and you can be assured that our investigators posses experience, contacts and ability needed to achieve results that you need. Detective Agency ANONIMUS plus always do our best to meet and exceed expectations of our clients and provide best possible quality detective services.

Here is a more detailed information about 5 basic fields of detective services provided by detective agency ANONIMUS plus : 1) Detective services 2) Polygraph services 3) Forensic services 4) Consulting

Detective services

  • Infidelity cases
  • Missing persons tracing
  • Public records search
  • Loss prevention
  • Sick leave abuse
  • Intelectual property protection
  • Disturbance and anonimus threat investigation
  • Debt collection for companies with an official court papers
  • "Honey trap" services
  • Employee checks
  • Business partners, competitors and employees investigation
  • Due diligence
  • Fraud investigation
  • Asset and property search
  • Debtor tracing
  • Corporate investigation and detail check of legal entities
  • Information gathering and operational field work
  • Process serving
  • Inssurance fraud

Polygraph services

  • Polygraph testing
  • Polygraph expertise
  • Expert testimony in court cases
  • Personal history verification
  • Determining the truth of statements
  • Refutation of false accusations
  • Testing of candidates for employment
  • Testing personal relationships
  • Infidelity
  • Personal and business theft

Forensic services

  • Forensic accounting
  • Retrieving deleted and corrupted data
  • Mobile forensics
  • Computer forensics
  • Bug sweeps from: 1) Apartments and offices 2) Cars 3) Cell phones and computers
  • Breaking the codes on your mobile and computer
  • Monitoring computers with daily reports
  • Monitoring cell phone devices with daily reports and "real time" notification 24 hours a day

Security consulting

  • Security consulting
  • Vulnerability assessment and risk analysis
  • Testing the security of information and communication systems
  • Penetration testing
  • Continual management and crisys management
  • SWOT analysis

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Feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you might have at any time. Please rest assured that all calls we receive are taken seriously,with care and in total confidence. Any information we receive are managed in accordance with the law and protection of personal data act.