Honey trap

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is the only detective agency in the region that exclusively offers this provocative service. If you have any reason to suspect that your husband, wife or partner behaves in a suspicious manner in your relationship, or you just do not have the evidence, or if you are not completely sure, or perhaps you are thinking to take the next step in a relationship and you have a need to feel more confident in terms of loyalty of your partner, detective agency ANONIMUS plus can help you. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus and our controversial and provocative service „honey trap“ can help you learn a lot about the psychological set of your emotional partner. If you choose this risky step, be prepared for anything, because this is a extreme move that leads to opening „Pandora's box“ and anything can happend. From past experiences we can say that the reactions are different from case to case, but also totally unpredictable. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is the only agency in the region that provides this type of service for it's clients.

When other methods are not adequate, „honey trap“ can provide the answer and calm your fears, one way or another.

We, at detective agency ANONIMUS plus understand that concern regarding the partner's fidelity is an extremely stressful situation for every person out there. You can be sure that we understand, and we sympathize with you, but we also want to assure you that we take great care with every case we manage, which are also managed by our own’s private detectives with exceptional working experience.

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We have a wide and varied range when it comes to offering an attractive agents of all ages and sexes that could approach your partner in advance agreed place at the agreed time, and start a conversation in a direct and indirect manner. We will provide honest insight into how your partner acted and what happened during the meeting. Photographic and video evidence will also be provided, for additional requirements. We will also provide a exchanged phone number as a proof of intent. Our attractive undercover agent will try to schedule a meeting with the subject and then leave, after which we will contact you with our report.

Our private detectives realize that it can be difficult to decide for taking the first step towards the use of these kind of services, but rest assured that we have all the understanding and capabilities needed for this kind of situations and we are fully accessible about it. All the questions you have will be treated with discretion and respect. This extremely interesting service is something that is used in the intelligence world on a grand scale and is one of the methods used to bring the best results in the intelligence war between the secret services during the last century. We'll just mention that the Russian secret service a long ago came to the atomic bomb secret using "honey trap" for one of the American scientists who worked in the US nuclear program.

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We would like to warn everybody that is interested in this service to be very careful we would like to state that detective agency ANONIMUS plus can not guarantee the outcome, that we do not hold any responsibility and we do not refund money if the client is not satisfied with the outcome. This services is based on provocation, and from moral perspective it is not justifiable. In intelligence world it is a well known method that has provided some extremly good results. It is an old fashioned way of obtaining information, before the cyber-era. Have no doubts, it is still used today, very much. Nowadays, it is also a service available for special types of clients of detective agencies around the world.

If you are concerned about the suspicious behaviour of your partner, or simply want to remove any doubt, please contact us today to talk about the environment settings in which „honey trap“ will take place. We wish to emphasize that it is necessary to contact us a few days in advance because this is a complex sevice and requires preparation in order to be carried out successfully. You will talk this through with one of our detectives, in complete confidence. Call us at +381112835531 from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, or +381641199880 at any time or send us an e-mail. You will not be in any kind of obligation and all tips and advices are given on a free and grant basis. Feel free to contact us at any time, for our customers we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our agency is licensed and posess a license to engage in detective activity and to provide professional detective services, and accordingly, in order to respect the law, to preserve our reputation as a reputable and professional company, and in order to continue to operate in accordance with business ethical standards, all cases in the agency handled exclusively in accordance with the law on detective activities and generally accepted social and moral norms. Dear future clients and associates we wish to announce that all meetings in the premises of our agency are to be performed exclusively on the principle of timely scheduling of the meeting in advance in order to get your meeting booked. All meetings, discussions, consultations and advices are carried out according to the principle of free consultation and will always be carried out on the free basis. If you want to make an appointment at our offices, please contact us through one of our contact phones or send us an email. Also, if you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at any time.