Technical counter surveillance

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is capable of providing professional services of counter surveillance, in expert terms named "countermeasures for technical surveillance" or popular called "bug sweep". Our detective agency provides sweep in search for cameras, listening devices and all other known devices for secret surveillance of all kinds and dimensions. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus posses a professional "top of the line" bug sweeping equipment, worth 50.000 euros. We are the only detective agency in region who can provide this kind of service on this level and scale. Our detective agency has an excellent partnership with our colleagues from Israel, which is a leading country when it comes to everything that relates to installing and detecting spying equipment. Our staff is trained in Israel and we use only equipment, technology and techniques for detecting spying devices which our colleges for Israel are also using. If you suspect that somebody is planning of spying on you, our special team is trained to reveal and prevent that from happening. Professionally. Detailed. Thoroughly.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus posses a team of specialists trained for locating and removing devices for technical espionage. We conduct physical and electronic inspection of all kinds of terrains-homes, offices, buildings, vehicles, telephone systems, cables and computers to detect the presence of devices for audio and video recording, as well as bug devices for monitoring and recording. Our IT experts are also able to protect your business data on network computer systems, installing them, updating and maintaining the same. We protect all sorts of your assets, your personal information and your privacy, physically, technically and on IT basis. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is the only detective agency that is able to protect you from all kinds of espionage.

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Recent advances in technology mean that, not only the devices for recording and monitoring are cheaper and more available to average man, but they are also smaller, more versatile in design and are difficult to detect. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus can proudly claim that we can detect every kind of espionage going on, both physically and electronically. If you suspect that you are under secret surveillance please contact us from safe location in total confidence and we will help you in total confidence. Time duration of the counter surveillance test depends on the type of examination, dimensions and location of objects that is under examination and is also related to a complexity of the object and the case itself. Every bugsweep is conduvted by minimum of three representatives of our agenciy, whhich, in their carriers have thousands of objects examined, many of which were to place bugs, and many of those were to conduct bugsweep. We guarantee that our clients can be sure that they will get the service on the global level of quality and according to highest professional standards.

We specialize in providing counter surveillance controls designed to ensure the protection of your valuable property, information and your privacy from all forms of surveillance. We use the latest electronic devices, software, programs and techniques for the detection and elimination of all forms of active and passive listening and monitoring devices that contain the flow of information. Professional sweep provided by our trained investigators can help you to ensure your privacy, and your family safety. Whether it is a personal or a professional problem, detective agency ANONIMUS plus can help you keep your personal life a private matter.

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CALL US - +381 11 2835531 (9AM-5PM) AND +381 64 1199880 (24h)

***If you contact us in the conviction that your privacy is compromised, please consider the safest location or the way to get in touch with us.***

If you have a reason to suspect that you are under measures for secret surveillance, it is better to check than to think and worry every day about whether your basic human right to privacy is threatened.If you are concerned that you are under secret surveillance, please contact us today so we can talk about your problems. Call us on +381112835531 from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, or you can call us on +381641199880 at any time of the day, or send us an e-mail. You will not be obliged to hire us and all advices are given on a free basis. Please, do not hesitate to call us at any time. For our clients we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We emphasize that our agency is officially licensed, we have an excellent reputation and we intend to keep it that way. Accordingly, most of the work that we do is on a recommendation bassis from the previous satisfied clients. Also, we do business exclusively in accordance with the law on detective activity. We would like to inform all prospective customers that all bugsweeps of facilities are to be scheduled in advance via the contact form, e-mail or through one of our contact phone. Also, we inform you that all conversations, conferences and meetings at our offices made solely on the principle of scheduling a meeting in advance by phone. All appointments are made on a free basis, no matter what it is. If you have any additional question, please have liberty to contact us at any time.