Electronic espionage

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus , as a part of it’s business offer, is providing specific type of service called electronic espionage. With the help of a detective agency ANONIMUS plus , you can secretly monitor and listen to people, places or activities with our electronic devices and specialized software. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus wishes to emphasize that the use of this service must be in accordance with the right to privacy and the law on the protection of personal data

You want to check the behavior of your partner? You want to find out where your child is headed? If you are afraid that your child felt into some bad company? A member of your family has marriage problems or other kinds of problems? You want to find out what kind of talk is going on behind your back, while you are away? Interested in what's happening on your computer when you are away? You have some reason to doubt your employees? Detective agency ANONIMUS plus can help you to find out all of that.

Track and monitor your mobile device, the mobile device of your child or your company assets for 24 hours a day in real time. The most modern and reliable methods for monitoring mobile devices. If you have any doubts, it is better to check before it's too late! ANONIMUS plus detective agency can help you find out the truth.

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*** Details and specification about information obtained by monitoring mobile phones and computers can be viewed on our website page named Mobile Phones and Digital Forensics *** Detective agency ANONIMUS plus offers to its clients services of all types of electronic surveillance on all kind of different devices-mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, and we may perform monitoring of rooms, apartments, houses, business premises, cars and anything else that you can benefit from.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus employs top experts on this issue and guarantees the high quality of service. Our clients receive a daily report about the exchange of information on the subject that is monitored and, if needed, we can also provide daily report on the movement of the subject.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus deliveres daily report to it’s clients, together with the expert analysis and expert opinion on the nature of the corespondance and the nature of information exchanged. For any additional requirements, our customers can receive information in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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*** PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING TERMS OF USE *** This service is intended for use in legal purposes only and any other type of use is subject to legal liability. Use of this service must be in full compliance with the law, and if this is not the case, users of this service will be held responsible and bear all the legal consequences of improper or unlawful use or application. The user of this service can be monitored only with the knowledge of device owner, or when owner has received explicit permission for surveillance, as in the case when the owner of the device properly notified. The user agrees not to monitor the device that is not owned by him or by the owner of the device who has not received explicit permission for surveillance. If the user agrees to the terms of use, the user accepts all the legal liability. If the user does not agree with the terms and condition we do not allow him use of this service.***This service can be used legally in the following cases: 1) Surveillance of children undre 18 years of age by their parents 2) Surveillance of employees by the employer for business purposes only.***

We emphasize that our agency posses a license for doing business in private detective sector and providing detective services, therefore, all of our activities will be carry out strictly in accordance with the law on detective activity. All requests to monitor someone else's phone, hacking of all types, extraction of other people call listings, and other forms of threat to people's privacy will be rejected. Nobody has the right to intrude other people privacy. The text above clearly defined situations in which it can use this statement is final. If you are in doubt about terms of use of our services, you can read additional information by clicking on our website page calles terms of use, which is located in the lower right corner on our website or you can call us on one of our phones, we will be happy to inform you about anythibg. We would like to inform you that all talks and consultation in the business premises of our agency are to be exclusively scheduled in advance in order to obtain the time and day of meeting and shall be made via the contact to one of our phones. All interviews, consultations and advices are on the free basis.