Intellectual and industrial property and rights

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus provides preventive types of services with the aim of protecting intellectual and industrial property and rights of our clients, individually and on a company level. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus conducts investigations regarding compromising intellectual and industrial property and rights in those terms which may be post-incident type as opposed to the first mentioned type that is purely preventive in nature. Up to date practice has shown that the Detective agency ANONIMUS plus was frequently been employed by legal entities but also from individual persons regarding the services related to the protection of intellectual and industrial property, which is logical because these types of services belongs to the services of corporative and business nature.

Intellectual property theft occurs when someone without the permission use intellectual property of another person or company, including patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets, for commercial purposes. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus knows from experience that it is common for competitors in the industry to try to impersonate someone else's ideas, achievements and ways of advertising, to "mislead" third parties and that such representation is intended to extract some kind of benefits and that whole "concept" is based on your heavy work around the clock and that you have invested a lot in growth and development of your own brands. If you have a known logo, product name, service, device, prescription which is sucesfull an you have some other things that can easily be identified as yours, then your competition will probably try to distort it and try to copy that success with creating something very similar to that what you created so that customers can get confused as to who is really the original source and author. This can damage your reputation and you product or service, and can have a direct impact on the reduction in sales or profit. Whatever the cause, the reason, or the effect of the attack is, your personal and business integrity should be well protected.

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Detective agency ANONIMUS plus , our private detectives and our staff specializing in copyright and intellectual property investigators offer free consultations to our clients in order to help and to determine whether you have a case that we can finalize in right manner. Our agency has a policy of not accepting the case if we can not guarantee good results for our clients, as well as cases where we can not fulfill what we promised to our client in the begining. If we take your case, rest assured that we will work on this case and give it our best until the end and fight for your interests to the maximum of our capabilities. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus will identify the source of the problem, gather all necessary evidence and all the necessary material in order to stop the unauthorized use of intellectual property of our clients.

The extensive use of the term "industrial property" binds to terms in the Paris Convention. Viewed in terms of legislation industrial property is part of a wider aspect of law known as intellectual property (IP) related mainly to the creation of the human mind. IP rights protect the interests of innovators and creators by giving them rights over their creations. Convention regarding establishing of the World Intellectual Property Organization (1967) does not seek to define intellectual property, but defines the following terms as protected "elements" of intellectual property: right to use, brands, patents, trade secret, literary, artistic and scientific works, performances of artists, phonograms and broadcasting, inventions in all fields of human endeavor, scientific discoveries, industrial designs, trademarks, service marks, and commercial names and symbols.

Protection against unfair competition is also very important problem, globally speaking, and there is almost no country in the world where there is even one branch without the unfair fight between competitors. As we live in a virtual era where more and more websites respresents the "face" of the companies, this problem is well spreaded on the internet. the US government in late nineties of the last century creates "Digital Copyright Millennium Act", wich soon after takes effect and begins to provides legal "power" at the beginning of the new millennium, not only in the US but on the whole of Internet, on a global scale.

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DMCA act has revolutionalised treatment of intellectual property rights worldwide. This legal act had also given a new dimension to the overall problem and introduced legislation in a legal vacuum and anarchy which had previously ruled on the Internet, where, until then, actions such as "cybersquatting" and "brandjacking" represent a common thing, and almost something which was "in" and completely "normal" thing, more than that it represented a "good idea" for profit, with possibility to even blackmail famous brands for the markets those companies wanted to penetrate.

DMCA act not only protects and guarantees the rights of all individuals and companies, but also puts into practice the law and regulation on a global scale very efficientlly for a relatively short period of time. DMCA act guarantees by it statute that if your Government would not react to protect you from theft of your intellectual property and rights, the US government will act in accordance with this act anywhere in the world and stand in protection of your rights. DMCA act is an act of great importance on a global scale. Most of the judgments that we have implemented in our favor for our clients in the actions that we performed on behalf of our customers are based on legal grounds contained in the DMCA act. Even the claims that we performed when it came to stealing the intellectual property of our detective agency. Yes, you read that right, we were also the victim of the abuse of our intellectual property and rights. No one is immune to it, unfortunately. But you will be pleased to hear that the judgment was in our favor and that the other side suffered painful consequences for demonstrating lack of respect for the principles of business ethics and disregardment of the basic principles of social and moral norms for behavior when it comes to conducting correct business.

Countries generally have laws to protect IP for two main reasons: to express statutory rights of creators and innovators in their creations and innovations in order to emphasize the relevance of the public interest in access to creations and innovations and 0 to promote creativity and innovation and contributes to economic and social development.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is able to provide you with confidential services aimed to identify far-reaching consequences, both internal and external, identification of suspects who obtained data or made intrusions into your system, undertaking operations with the goal of giving you incontrovertible evidence of theft of intellectual property. Throughout the world there has been a registred growth of the industry in the black market, piracy, replication and copy of legitimate products. This is a growing industry that is expanding due to actualization of "dark Internet" and "deep web". Detective agency ANONIMUS plus has many years of experience in conducting investigations related to intellectual property and implementation of strategies to prevent such thefts. This includes abuse of trademarks and copyright infringement. Remember, whole your work can be destroyed if your possibility for managing your intellectual propery is compromised.

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