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According to the law on detective activities, for our private investigators to begin collecting data on behalf of the client, and in order for our detective agency to formally and legally accept the case we need to previously make a written contract regarding providing services between the client as users of services on one side, and the detective agency as a service provider on the other side. Contract on providing of detective services must include the price of the service, a clearly defined purpose of the data processing, source of data, use of data, the type and degree of confidentiality of data, the period of data retention and data protection measures.It is also necessary to prepare a written authorization which states that client authorizes agents of the detective agency in order to gather and collect information on his behalf. The authorization is necessary to specify the purpose of collecting information and the reason for the processing of required data as well as the place and time period in which information gathering is to take place. Third document that is required is a request for delivery of data written in accordance with regulations from law on detective activity. All documents are considered business secret and it content is known only to the client and the owner of a detective agency. All documents have the highest level of secrecy of 30 years and kept in a metal safe which is certified for protection against burglary and fire protection, and which is guarded 24/7 with electronic access control, video surveillance and sofisticated alarm system with phone support. We would also like to emphasize that it is necessary to make an appointment in order to have a business meeting held in our company office. Due to a large number of obligations and tight schedule, it is necessary to make a phone arrangement in order to make an appointment for a business meeting in our company office.


According to the law on detective activity, a detective can for his customers obtain information on:

1) Missing persons or persons who are hiding to avoid prosecution
2) Persons who have caused the damage to the client
3) Persons who anonymously act according to the client with the threat of serious consequences
4) Items that are lost or stolen
5) Performance of legal entity or entrepreneur
6) Protection of intellectual and industrial property

The state administration, a legal entity under public authority which maintains certain records, or other collections of data can provide to detective, upon written request, information on:

1) Temporary and permanent residence
2) Owners of motor vehicles and boats
3) Insurance Policy
4) Ownership of real estate
5) Data on the pension and Disability insurance
6) Data from the court files in cases where the client has the right to ask for it
7) Data from the state archives


Detective agency Anonimus is conducting business services on a advance payment basis. One part of funds needs to be paid in advance in order for our team to accept the case and start working on a case. Detective agency Anonimus does not make refund and does not return the funds which are received as a down payment for business engagement in situations where client changes his mind after down payment has been made, if our private investigators finish the case sooner than planned or if unpredictable circumstances appear and situation changes for some reasons for which detective agency or it's private detectives or legal representatives are not directly or indirectly responsible.


Services of electronic espionage and digital forensics are extremely specific services and are the type of services that are sensitive in nature. In order to avoid abuse of these services detective agency Anonimus wishes to use this opportunity to emphasize that usage of services electronic espionage and digital forensics is approved strictly for legal use only and any other type of use is subject to legal liability. Usage of this services must be in full compliance with the law on personal data protection and with right to a personal privacy. If this is not the case, user of this service will be held responsible and bear all the legal consequences of improper or unlawful use. Client who wishes to use thiese services can monitor only and exclusively an client owned device, or a device for which the client was given explicit permission for surveillance by the owner of the device, and also in the case when the owner of the device is properly notified about the surveillance and the owner agrees. The user agrees not to monitor a device that is not their property or for which user was not granted explicit permission for surveillance by the owner of the device.

This type of service can be also legally used in following cases:
1) Monitoring of children under 18 years of age by the parents
2) Monitoring of workers by the employer solely for business purposes

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