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Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is the only detective agency that provides process serving in Serbia. If you have important legal documents that need to be delivered quickly and professionally, in a professional manner, detective agency ANONIMUS plus will be happy to serve confidential documents for you. If you have a need for delivering court documents to a individual that is hiding and deliberately avoiding to receive the court papers in order to avoid responsibility, detective agency ANONIMUS plus can locate those individuals and deliver court documents in a manner so that court can claim that documents have officially been received. We are serving as process servers for lawyers, business firms, individuals and to the government sector on the basis of fixed compensation. Detective Agency ANONIMUS plus has developed excellent cooperation with lawyers and law firms with whom we cooperate regularly regarding process serving.

Services of process serving in legal processes include local, national and international area. Process servers are operating for decades in more developed countries, while in USA they are representing a very important part of US justice system. This type of service is still in development in the Republic of Serbia but is, generally speaking, slowly moving toward the popularization of this kind of service in the justice, legal, private and civil sector. Vast majority of process serving cases comes from countries abroad, mainly from countries where anglo saxon law is incorporated. So far, we have had the most experience with the substantiation of business documents, file divorce papers, as well as various commands and confidential instructions.

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We are very experienced in this field and we will ensure that your documents are delivered efficiently, reliably and on time. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus guarantees the transfer of confidential items on the agreed location in the most safest manner. We also guarantee that we will deliver documents to a unavailable person and conduct additional search for wanted person in order to deliver the papers, if needed in particular case. This is very practical and usefull service and we would recommend it to anyone who has a problem with locating person or delivering ANY kind of sensitive papers. Our agency mostly deals with clients from anglo saxon countries, where the whole idea of process serving and process servers took place.

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According to a statistics of Serbia justice department there is a large number of persons hiding and avoiding to receive official court papers, hoping that it will be declared obsolete after certain amount of time has passed. This is where process servers are coming on the scene and help court officials by making a justice system more efficient by filling the "black hole" in the system by locating and recovering persons that are avoiding receivement of the documents. After the papers have been delivered process continues and the person that was hiding is guarantied to have a not-so-good treatment by court. We hope that you now have a little clearer picture regarding why this type of service is important for justice system to function better and for justice to be done.

We offer our services to physical and legal entities, individually or as subcontractors for other detective agencies. If you need some of our services, please contact us in complete confidence and privacy, to find out how we can help and provide a solution that you need.

If you have a need for confidential papers to be delivered, or you have a need for any other of our services feel free to call us at +381112835531 from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, and +381641199880 at any time or send us e-mail and one of our experienced detectives will respond in the short term. If you need our assistance in any way, please feel free to contact us, for our customers and clients we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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