Missing persons tracing

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is able to perform actions with the aim of locating and finding missing persons at the local, national and international territory. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus and it's private detectives are specialized and trained for missing persons locating. If you want to find a family member, birth parents, relatives, friends, debtors, persons who have caused harm to you or to deal with the threat with serious consequences, then detective agency ANONIMUS plus can help you to do just that. With years of experience in this field of investigation, we have, behind us, excellent results, many solved cases and a lot of success in searching for missing persons on a local and regional basis and we believe in achieving good results, one way or another.

The road to finding missing persons that are dear to you, your biological parents, long-lost loves, old friends, acquaintances, relatives or debtor may lead through the use of modern computer networks, record cards, public information, from traditional detective skills to non-conventional and alternative methods of searching. We verify all information we collect before we confirm that the person we located is the person that you want to find. This is one of the most difficult services to perform, it requires a lot of experience and skill. We are specialists in working with little information. We can not promise the duration of the case, sometimes we find a person after 7 days, and sometimes it lasts for a 3 months. One thing we can promise, that is that we will do our best to finish the job for our client.

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    The recent cases that we conducted include:

  • Search for missing family members
  • Locating biological parents
  • Search for a debtor in hiding
  • Locating long-lost family members
  • Search for a runaway child
  • Search for a demented lost parent
  • Search for a lost friend
  • Search for adopted children
  • Location of tenant leaving the property left behind a large debt

The detective agency ANONIMUS plus understands that the search for a missing person may require much more than the spot checks and searches of available data and databases, and our experienced private detectives work with the information that you provide us in order to identify previous and current location of the entity being requested and taking discrete, local, public and traditional detective techniques. We combine all kinds of methods available in order to determine the best solution in any given case, and we provide hi-level quality service to our clients.

In every case of missing persons that any of ou encounter we primarily advise everyone to contact the police, inform officers about missing person, listen to advice given by a officer, inspector or a detective and act accordingly. If afretwards you want to conduct a private investigation you can contact detective agency, you have the right to do so, and we are here to help in the search for a missing person in accordance with the authority given to us by the Law on Detective Activity.

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CALL US - +381 11 2835531 (9AM-5PM) AND +381 64 1199880 (24h)

If you want to talk about locating a missing person or organizing a search for missing person with one of our detectives, in complete confidence, please call us at +381112835531 from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, and +381641199880 at any time, or via e-mail and in complete confidence. For this type of services we have a line that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please feel free to contact us at any time, you will not be in any kind of obligation and all the advice offered and given on a grant basis. If you need our assistance, please feel free to call us, for our customers we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We would like to emphasize that in every case of this kind we previously perform credibility assessment of the source, and that it is necessary to confirm the validity of the source and that the situation is really like it is presented to us and reported. Our agency will not participate in persecuting someone who is an adult, and who left of his own will because everyone has the right to freedom of movement. We wish to warn all persons that abuse of detective services, and misrepresentation of the facts in the situation may result in criminal liability.