Detective Agency ANONIMUS plus , as part of our wide range of detective, investigative and security services provides security consulting services for persons and legal entities. In our detective agency, security consultant is a professional who provides advice on the level of experts from the fields of security, electronic or physical. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus takes great care in order to provide offer in which every security consultant is an expert, a professional or a person of considerable experience and reputation and a person who has an extensive knowledge in the field of security studies. Security consultant can be internal or external, depending on the mode of engagement.

Security Consulting is a process that involves the identification and assessment of existing and potential security risks in order to determine the specific security needs of the client. The final phase represents the delivery of a security proposals and solutions to the client in the form of reports or presentations.

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Detective agency ANONIMUS plus and its security consultants provide expertise for the following services and Security measures:

  • 1) Initial conversation and client interview with professional security consultant
  • 2) Interviews with senior and younger staff
  • 3) A written evaluation of existing security services and steps for improvement
  • 4) A complete risk assessment and facility analysis
  • 5) SWOT analysis
  • 6) Safety's recommendations and implementation goals
  • 7) Strategic Plan for the use of closed circuit CCTV, access control and technology protection
  • 8) Standard operating procedures to be performed as part of the security plan
  • 9) Creating and designing a security plan
  • 10) Crisis management and manager training
  • 11) Implementation Plans
  • 12) Development of security policies and procedures
  • 13) Additional instructions for security guards and physical security workers
  • 14) Training and preparation for crisis situations
  • 15) Post analysis of damage and corrections (who, when, what, where and how?)
  • 16) Investigation-internal investigation and the investigation of a particular incident
  • 17) Operational support through the security guards, bodyguards, firefighters ...
  • 18) Protection against fire, flood, burglary
  • 19) Security of information resources
  • 20) Penetration testing

In severe cases related to breach of information security in the company we engage our specialist team forcyber response which is available 24 hours a day to provide simultaneous advice on cyber security issues. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus and our teams can help to quickly and effectively understand, reduce and put risky situation under control. Thanks to our teams for penetration testing we can offer full assessment of your safety and security and we can perform a check to identify vulnerable points and vulnerabilities that can be exploited,and all this with the help of using techniques of the last generation. This fact allows us to take proactive approach in assisting you at achieving standards which must still regularly and responsibly maintained.

Our security consultants have a thorough experience and are able to carry out a thorough, detailed, professional and universal analysis and to give you the best security advice regarding your issues.Our security consultants will design a security plan, and you can be assured thatactions will be taken in order to manage, monitor, and test state of security in your company in the most effective way.

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Detective agency ANONIMUS plus and our security consultants primarily perform site visits and facilities in order to asses and review your current security situation. The process is such that after the initial phase we start creating a security assessment and the proposal to form optimal and financially favorable rate ofprotection. The process involves the systematic assessment of the state of security in terms of protection and totalsecurity as well as from the aspect of each individual object in which all business is run. We also create plans or urgent measures to be performed in situations of risk in order to return, as soon as possible, to the state of security that provide optimum level of security.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus perform all security standards for the creating of a plan of protection of objects, people and business. The plan involves determining the patter and order of providing activities while providing physical and fire protection as well as cooperation with public security. Extensive experience in the security business allows us to perform high-quality security analysis of your business and that you point out all the ways you can enhance relevant safety profile of your company.

If you need consultation and advice in relation with advancing level of security in your company or home contact us in complete confidence and privacy, to find out how we can help and deliver the best security plan to suit your needs. You can call us at +381112835531 from 9AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday and on the mobile phone +381641199880 at any time, or send us e-mail, and one of our officers will contact you as soon as possible, the latest within 24 hours. Feel free to contact us at any time, for our customers we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.