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Detective agency Anonimus is capable of providing top quality, cutting edge and the most efficient polygraph testing in Serbia. Detective agency Anonimus is officially licensed, certified, accredited and trained for conducting polygraph tests. Our detective agency employs experienced professionals and highly qualified experts for polygraph. Detective agency Anonimus conducts professional polygraph testing and we undertake every action in order to secure that our detective agency always provide services on the highest level possible. We conduct private polygraph testing, but we also work for business companies, lawyer offices and we also do forensic polygraph testing for the needs of court cases and we also testify regarding polygraph testing in court cases. We guarantee quality, accuracy and precision of the final results.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus holds top experts on polygraphs and polygraph testing. Our staff is made up of persons who are trained and certified for conducting polygraph tests in one of the best polygraph schools in the world, located in United States of America. Our personnel possesses decades of experience in this field and tens of thousands polygraph tests conducted. Tests are carried out on “Lafayete” instruments, the world leader in this field, and verified for official use around the world. We constantly monitor all the innovations in the field of polygraph tests. We are always working on perfecting and improving the quality of our services. We are constantly catching up with all the innovations concerning interrogation techniques and innovations in polygraph equipment.

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Detective agency ANONIMUS plus most commonly performed polygraph tests in cases related to civil litigation, pre-employment screening, theft of all kinds, insurance and fraud investigations, suspicion of infidelity, prove of innocence, statement verification, recovery programs and divorce cases. We also conducted a lot of polygraph tests related to drug addiction, alcoholism and gambling, juvenile delinquency, premarital testing, internal theft and fraud and industrial espionage. Often we engage in business with companies when checking applicants for employment or related to various problems they encountered while running the business. We assist private clinics in recovery programs with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction. We also conduct polygraph testing for lawyer offices and for court needs, we also do polygraph forensics and we testify in court cases when needed.

Polygraph (popularly known as a lie detector) measures and records several physiological indicators, such as changes in blood pulse, blood pressure, breathing patterns, changes in volume within an organ or whole body, movement of the subject and changes in skin conductance during a polygraph test, while the subject answers a series of specially designed questions. The principle on which the polygraph works is as follows: critical issues with dubious answers in the subject will produce a series of physiological reactions that differ from the reaction that is evident when the subject gives an answer that is honest. Practice has shown that it is extremely difficult to fool a polygraph. According to numerous scientific research credibility of polygraph assessment is around 95 percent.

Polygraph is used in practise for criminal investigations as a means of testing and as an investigation tool in both state agencies and private sector agencies, on a global scale. The use of polygraph is widespread in the security agencies around the world. It is used by American intelligence agencies-NSA, CIA and FBI, as well as all the modern secret agencies in the world for the past hundred years, as a means of testing, as an investigation tool, and also as a means of selection and verification of new employees in the employment process.

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If you suspect that your employee in your company is stealing from you or is involved with some of the actions that have been aimed against your company. If you want to make a psychological profile of persons employed in positions of responsibility; If you need to determine whether your partner is realible or not; If you want to make sure that your child, partner, family member, business partner or a third person has abused psychoactive substances, whether to gamble or perform any other type of suspicious activity? Polygraph can help in a big way. If you want to check whether a person is telling the truth, the polygraph test represents a quick and efficient solution that you are looking for. Detective agency ANONIMUS plus can help you solve your problems in a professional and reliable manner.

Detective agency ANONIMUS plus offers services of polygraph testing to companies and legal entities, and individuals, who are interested in this type of services. Modern polygraph test on a computerized polygraph instrument. Poligraph experts from our agency hold an internationally recognized license with which is recognised in 180 countries around the world. We are also members of the American, British and European associations of polygraph examiners. Our polygraph examiners are globally recognized and also participate as lecturers in training and seminars in the field of polygraph, which by itself speaks about our credibility in this area. Feel free to call us, for our customers and clients we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.